Mississippi Power is reviewing the final net metering rule issued today by the Mississippi Public Service Commission and will provide appropriate comments once the review is completed. The company appreciates the work of the PSC in developing a net metering rule for the state and looks forward to continuing to work with the Commission on the future use of renewable energy in the state for our customers.

Mississippi Power agreed with the approach taken by the Mississippi PSC in addressing renewable net metering rules for the state. As reflected in our filings during the rulemaking process, the company believes a net metering rule should ensure that all customers pay their fair share for the availability and use of the electric grid so that non-renewable energy producing customers don’t bear an unfair portion of the cost.  Supporting a reasonable net metering rule is the latest in Mississippi Power’s continued efforts to support of responsible renewable energy.

Mississippi Power supports the future of renewable energy as part of an “all of the above” energy strategy for the communities we serve, and believes that appropriate rules are needed to ensure the sustainable growth of renewable energy in Mississippi and fair treatment for all customers. The company’s commitment to renewable energy is already evident in Mississippi Power’s more than 100 MW of cost-effective utility-scale solar approved by the Commission in November, which, when the projects are completed, would make Mississippi Power the largest purchaser of solar energy produced in the state.