Energy Efficiency Education program continues to grow

Energy Efficiency Education program continues to grow

The reach from Mississippi Power’s Energy Efficiency Education Program continues to build, with more than 13,300 service territory students being exposed to energy-saving tips since 2014.

The program’s already coming off a record-setting 2016-17 school year where 50 schools were visited, with 37 of those qualifying for mini-grants totally $27,000.

At each school visit, students are given kits to take home that include CFL bulbs, an LED nightlight, shower timers, a thermostat temperature gauge and a home energy survey on their family’s energy habits. If 75 percent of the students return the home energy surveys and parent/guardian cards, schools are eligible for a $250 grant per grade from the company.

“We’ve established the program with teachers, students, administrators and parents,” said Tamara Proctor, EEE representative. “This year, I had a teacher from one school move to another school where we haven’t done the presentation. She went out of her way to get us set up to present at her new location. It shows that we’re making an impact.”

One of the latest stops for the program was at Rowan Elementary School in Hattiesburg, as more than 70 fourth-graders participated in the 45-minute presentation. The kids received an overview of Mississippi Power’s services, the types of devices that use electricity, a description of energy efficiency and how they can be involved in the process.

“We’re visiting five new schools while returning to 29 schools during 2017-18, so far,” Proctor said. “After the presentation, the kids end up taking ownership as their family’s energy efficiency education representative and develop smart energy-saving habits, which is the whole point of the program.”

Participating schools can also earn spots in the $1,000 Club for schools that have surpassed $1,000 or more in grants, and the 500 Club for schools where 500 or more students have participated in the program.

“We had two additional schools join the $1,000 Club this year,” Proctor said. “That brings the total to nine, while two schools have reached 500 Club status.”

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