Woodworking is therapy for Customer Serviceman Sean McLemore

Woodworking is therapy for Customer Serviceman Sean McLemore


To refer to Sean McLemore as a “go-to” guy truly doesn’t do him justice. He is much, much more than that.

McLemore officially has been with Mississippi Power for three years. However, he spent two years with Baker Engineering as a meter reader and knew our service area well when he came onboard.

“I didn’t choose my profession, it chose me, and I couldn’t be happier,” he said. “I had been working in retail and when a friend introduced me to the folks at Baker, it was the right time for a change. Then when Arman Paige was transitioning to Marketing, Baker recommended me to set and pull meters.”

From there, it was only a matter of time before an opportunity to join the company came along.

As a customer serviceman in the Pine Belt Division, McLemore connects and disconnects service, works collections, reading in and reading out, billing re-reads and investigates.

“I’m excited to work for Mississippi Power; I see it as a place to stay,” said McLemore. “I enjoy being outdoors and working face-to-face with our customers, but the best part of my job is helping solve problems for customers.”

McLemore describes himself as thirsty to learn and thirsty for knowledge.

Others describe him as someone they can count on.

Some of his free time is spent building sandboxes for the Area Development Partnership in Hattiesburg to use for groundbreaking events.

“From the second I met Sean it was obvious he is a hard worker,” said Lindsay Pace, communications and events director with the ADP. “I could call him to build anything I need and know it would be done right the first time. He sees a job through from start to finish.”

McLemore, who thinks of his woodworking as therapy, builds custom furniture and writing pens, and is currently working on a redesign of the groundbreaking sandboxes to make them easier to assemble and disassemble for travelling to events.

“I really enjoy working with Sean. He is a craftsman and meticulous in his work,” said Rob Robinson, Pine Belt area manager. “He has made signs for grandchildren of employees and the groundbreaking sandboxes are amazing. Sean may have a behind the scenes role at the groundbreaking events, but his sandboxes are critical to the success of the event.”

McLemore is also humble about his work and contributions of his time.

“I was a boatswain’s mate stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and I credit the Navy with teaching me about work ethic and taking pride in my work,” McLemore said. “After my enlistment, I drove a narrated tour bus and I’ve worked as a photographer for Sears, but my wife, Brittany, works harder than I do, every day.”

The couple has two daughters – 3-year-old Ainsley Rose and Hadley Marie, who will turn two years old in July. Their third daughter, Macie Jane, is due in August.

McLemore also has a daughter, Stephanie Annette, who lives in California.