Meter Mechanic Larry Jones serves customers and his community

Meter Mechanic Larry Jones serves customers and his community


Mississippi Power Meter Mechanic Larry Jones is a husband, father, dedicated employee and life-long community servant.

A look at the life of this 31-year company employee in the Meridian Division reveals Jones wears many hats, as a U.S. Army veteran, former Boy Scout troop leader and a multi-faceted member of Meridian’s historic First Union Missionary Baptist Church.

Some say Jones could easily be the photo in the dictionary that best describes the term “servant leader.”

“I went into the Army after high school and spent four years as a quartermaster,” said Jones. “At that point, I was what you’d call a shade-tree mechanic. I loved electronics, and I could take things apart and fix them, but I didn’t know the theories and concepts behind what I was doing. In the service, I did light equipment repair work along with some cross-training on generators.”

That led Jones to earn an associate degree in electronic technology from what’s now Meridian Community College.

“After college, I knew I needed some work experience,” Jones said. “I worked as maintenance man at a factory for three years. Then I was hired by Mississippi Power to work on a line crew. Seven months later, I got the opportunity to work in the meter shop.”

That’s where Jones has been ever since, doing a little bit of everything related to meters.

“I love the job because I get to work indoors and outdoors,” he said. “At the shop, I build and test meters and download metering information. Outside, we do meter construction at substations and for internal and external customers. Working in this department gives me the chance to use the math and formula knowledge I learned in school. It also gives me the chance to communicate with our younger employees and maybe pass on my experience to them.”

Off the job, Jones and his wife, Sandra, have been married for 26 years and they have four children.

When he’s not exercising or repairing things around the house, Jones spends time serving in a variety of roles at his church.

“I began tinkering with all the electronics at the church,” Jones said. “I ended up rewiring everything and updating the church’s speakers and multi-media facilities. I also sing in the church choir, and I’ve even performed a few solos. Along with that, I’m also the superintendent of our Sunday school.”

Before that he served as scoutmaster for Troop #125 and helped five young men earn Eagle Scout honors.

“I love working with young people,” he added. “I feel like I’m not only teaching them, but I’m also learning from them and teaching myself some new things.”