Mississippi Power’s ‘quiet heroes’ return home safely from storm duty

Mississippi Power’s ‘quiet heroes’ return home safely from storm duty

Georgia Power Coastal Region Vice President Cathy Hill praised Mississippi Power’s “quiet heroes” after a storm team of 84 helped restore power after Tropical Storm Hermine passed through the state early Friday morning.

Mississippi Power crews were released Sunday morning and all arrived home safely about 10 p.m.

“I wanted you to know that your folks are our quiet heroes,” Hill wrote in a thank-you note to President and CEO Anthony Wilson. “We sincerely appreciate everyone’s commitment to safety, customer service and professionalism.”

Hermine passed through southeast Georgia with 50-mph sustained winds, maximum gusts up to 63, along with four inches of rain and two confirmed tornadoes.

More than 100,000 Georgia Power customers lost power in the storm.

“Despite the challenges of minor flooding, fallen trees, closed roads and damaged service entrances, our customers looked to us for quick restoration of their service on this Labor Day weekend,” Hill said in her note to Wilson. “It was a great feeling to know that we could count on sister operating companies of Southern Company when faced with a challenge such as this.

“When the Mississippi Power storm teams began working, we knew that the work would be performed in a safe, proper and efficient manner.  Under the leadership of (Laurel Engineering supervisor) Scott Strahan and (Meridian Distribution manager) Ken Richardson, your teams worked with such a high degree of excellence that it was clearly recognized by our customers.”

Mississippi Power’s storm team, represented by each division, departed for Florida Thursday afternoon and were diverted to Georgia Friday afternoon as Hurricane Hermine moved inland, downgrading to a damaging tropical storm.

Teams from the Pine Belt and Meridian worked in southeast Georgia while the Coast team worked further south in an area near the Georgia-Florida line before they were released and started home on Sunday. Alabama Power and Gulf Power also sent crews to assist Georgia Power’s storm teams.

“It was a great job by the entire team,” Wilson said. “I have already received several notes complimenting the great work you did helping those in need. Well done!”

“I appreciate all the work our team did to help get the lights and air conditioning back on in Georgia, but more important, your focus on safety,” said Nicole Faulk, vice president of the Customer Services Organization. “Great job!”

In Hill’s note to Wilson, she referred to a letter to the editor in the local Savannah newspaper, praising the work of the storm teams.

“By the end of the holiday weekend, Savannah looked as if Hermine never existed and our lives have returned to whatever we call normal, thanks to hundreds of dedicated workers whose faces we will never see and whose names we will never hear,” the letter said. “To those quiet heroes, I’d like to say thank you.”