Transmission team tackles line repair over Pascagoula River

Transmission team tackles line repair over Pascagoula River


The situation was anything but simple.

Thanks to constant wind vibration, a 230kv transmission line running from Ocean Springs to Moss Point severed in an area over the West Pascagoula River.

“There are no trees to block the wind,” said Matt Fall, Mississippi Power Transmission lines supervisor. “It’s consistently getting wind anywhere from 2-20 miles an hour which causes vibrations.”

Thanks to Mississippi Power’s infrastructure, no major outages occurred as a result of the incident.

“We decided to go ahead and replace the entire section of line instead of doing a quick repair,” Fall added. “This way, the line will be ready to handle any increase in load that comes with the hot summer months. The design technology is a lot better now, so we worked with our manufacturer to determine a new solution. It allows this new line to last between 50-60 years.”

The line had to be repaired and replaced in an area that’s not exactly “work friendly.” That meant running a main transmission line four to five miles across the marshy area around the river.

“We work in a hostile environment,” said Bryant Shaw, senior line specialist. “In this area, you have to take into account the marsh, the changes in tides, and the positioning of our equipment. There’s a lot of moving around with equipment, but we have good coordination with our crews. Things can happen quickly, that’s why everybody is watching each other and being their brother’s keeper. Even though this is a critical line, the most critical thing is safety.”

That’s just one of the many projects the transmission team has in place this year. With more than 2,200 miles of transmission lines throughout the service territory, the team stays busy.

“The work is in a very difficult environment that requires every move to be calculated and planned beforehand,” said Steve Craig, Transmission general manager. “It’s impressive to watch the efforts of the line workers during the reconstruction and the collaboration between field and design groups to arrive at a solution. The teamwork was great and the project was safely completed.”

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