Mississippi Power Generation has record-setting year delivering power

Mississippi Power Generation has record-setting year delivering power


Mississippi Power Generation set company records in 2015 for net generation produced and reliability, with performance better than the industry average.

“In 2015, Mississippi Power’s generating fleet produced more electricity than ever, and did it more reliably and efficiently than we ever have,” Mississippi Power President and CEO Anthony Wilson said. “This is a testament to the employees that operate these units and their commitment to deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to our customers.”

Equivalent Forced Outage Rate, or EFOR, is a measure of the availability of generation units to meet customer needs due to unplanned forced outages. In 2015, Mississippi Power’s EFOR was .84 percent, which is about five times below the industry average. The lesser the amount of time that units are on an outage means the more generation is available to meet customer needs.

Equivalent Unplanned Unavailability Factor, or EUUF, is a measure of a generating unit’s unavailability due to unplanned forced and maintenance outages. In 2015, Mississippi Power’s EUUF was 1.44 percent. A low EUUF indicates a higher availability to meet customers’ needs.

“Our plant employees work extremely hard to maintain our system and the equipment they operate that provides service to our customers,” Vice President of Generation and Senior Production Officer Allen Reaves said. “Safely providing service to our customers is our top priority.”