Loria Zeeck the company’s ‘Paperless Billing Queen’

Loria Zeeck the company’s ‘Paperless Billing Queen’




Customer Service Representative Loria Zeeck at the Customer Care Center began her career with Mississippi Power as a temporary following Hurricane Katrina.

She considers our customers the most interesting part of her job, so it’s no wonder she is known as the “Paperless Billing Queen.”

It began one day while she was talking with a customer whose service had been disconnected for nonpayment.

“When he told me he didn’t get his bill, I suggested Paperless Billing and told him about the reminder email he would get five days before the due date,” Zeeck said.

“From that day forward, I have asked every customer not already on the program if they would like to enroll in Paperless Billing and I explain the benefits.”

When she’s not working with customers and mentoring other customer service representatives, she enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with Rick, her husband of 34 years, daughter Jordyn and son Eric. Her family calls her the glue that holds them together.

As a drummer in her high school band, Zeeck most enjoyed playing a drum cadence. “The easiest way to learn to play drums is with your hands instead of with sticks,” is the advice she offers to anyone interested in learning to play.