LED projects shed light across service territory

LED projects shed light across service territory


One of the 86 LED lights that were installed at Biloxi's Hiller Park.
One of the 86 LED lights that were installed at Biloxi’s Hiller Park.
They save energy, last longer, and have a 12-15 year life span. With benefits like that, is it any wonder that LED (light emitting diode) projects are ongoing at Mississippi Power?

“LED lights use less electricity,” said Dondi Sawyer, the company’s senior lighting energy and savings analyst. “LEDs offer huge savings compared to other forms of lighting. They use 75 percent less energy than regular lights and last 25 times longer.”

Recently the company’s General Office building in Gulfport converted to LED’s while several local businesses, including Gulfport Memorial Hospital, Keesler Federal Credit Union, and the Pascagoula High School football and baseball stadiums have also made the switch. In February, Mississippi Power partnered with the City of Biloxi to install 86 LED street lights in Hiller Park.

“We’re pleased to be working with the City of Biloxi on this project,” said Steven Schruff, Biloxi Division Manager. “The lights are just one improvement to help people enjoy the park. There’s a lot of work that’s being done to make this park the great place it can be, and we’re just glad to be a part of that.”

Schruff, Market Specialist Danielle Crowder and others worked with the city to make the park brighter and even reduced the park’s monthly lighting bill slightly.

“This to me is like the central park of Biloxi,” said Biloxi Ward 3 Councilman Dixie Newman. “A lot of people are actually excited about the improvements being made because you know Hiller Park was the main place to hang out back in the day, and people are just getting excited to be able to do that again.”

Meanwhile LED lighting projects have also helped brighten other areas. In the past year, Mississippi Power converted all its Customer Service Centers to LED and also helped the City of Walnut Grove convert all of its streetlights to LED. Recently the George County School District also retrofitted its lighting system with LED. Dondi Sawyer also said the company is currently installing LED lights at its warehouses across the service territory.