Tornado awareness highlighted this week in Mississippi

Tornado awareness highlighted this week in Mississippi


Less than two months ago, an EF-3 tornado tore through sections of Columbia resulting in several deaths, multiple injuries, and considerable damage to homes and businesses in Marion County.

And, exactly two years ago this week an EF-4 tornado caused major damage and power outages in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas. With those events still fresh in employees’ minds, Mississippi Power is helping spread the word about Mississippi Tornado Awareness Week (Feb. 9-13). During the week, regional and state agencies have teamed up to help inform and educate the public on all types of severe weather and what to do before, during, and after a severe weather event.

“We want to build a culture of preparedness,” said Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) representative Brett Carr during a live webinar that kicked off the week. “We want everyone to have a plan and know what to do before something happens.”

Preparing for, and responding to, severe weather outbreaks is part of the daily fabric at Mississippi Power.

“Our employees have significant experience in emergency restoration situations,” said Distribution Director Randall Pinkston. “We also are always fine tuning our process to make sure we are truly prepared for any natural disaster.”

Now MEMA, National Weather Service officials, and Mississippi Power want you prepared for the next time severe weather threatens the area. As always, information on storm procedures and outages can be found at our storm and outage center page while tornado preparation and safety tips can be found here.