Better Business Bureau teams with Mississippi Power on scam alerts

Better Business Bureau teams with Mississippi Power on scam alerts


The problem of con artists targeting Mississippi Power customers has piqued the attention of the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi. The BBB is sharing the company’s warnings about fraudulent calls to customers demanding payment with threats to disconnect electric service. The BBB’s warnings appeared online and in social media this week.

Fraudulent calls continue to target residential customers and small businesses throughout the Mississippi Power service territory. Though callers may use different approaches, most have common themes; claiming bills are overdue and threatening to disconnect power if immediate payment isn’t made either over the phone with banking account information or by purchasing a prepaid card.

“We want our customers to know Mississippi Power will never ask for personal banking information or payment through a prepaid money card. Most customers realize these calls are not legitimate, hang up and report the call to us,” said Ronnie Page, Customer Care Center manager. “We certainly appreciate the Better Business Bureau now helping protect our customers.”

The calls seem to come in waves sometimes targeting a single area for a week or two; other times the calls appear focused on certain types of businesses like restaurants or motels. Mississippi Power Customer Care representatives track customer reports of the suspicious calls and warn customers to beware.

“One customer even told us when she went to buy a prepaid card for payment, the store clerk told warned her about the scam. We don’t want our customers to fall prey to this fraud. We want them to check with us if they have any concerns about their payments or service,” Page said.

Mississippi Power customers with billing questions can call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-532-1502.

Mississippi Power posts fraud warnings on social media sites to help spread the word to beware of those targeting our customers. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date.

Here is the link to the Better Business Bureau’s scam alert: