British Consulate-General representatives tour Kemper facility

British Consulate-General representatives tour Kemper facility


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Representatives from the British Consulate-General in Atlanta toured the Kemper County energy facility recently to learn more about carbon capture technology the U.K. hopes to use in two upcoming pilot projects.

“This plant is the first of its kind in the world and we wanted to visit and see what ‘lessons learned’ here we could use,” said Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, Her Majesty’s consul general. Pilmore-Bedford said the U.K. has planned two carbon capture projects in North Yorkshire and Aberdeen, Scotland, and is closely watching the Kemper County facility construction.

“We believe carbon capture has a great future in the U.K.,” he said, adding that the U.K.’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey, recently visited Washington, D.C. to discuss the importance of carbon capture.

Pilmore-Bedford, and Vice Consul Kerry Norton, said seeing the plant firsthand is “very impressive,” noting that having all of the plant’s components – from the Liberty Mine and lignite to the gasifiers – all in one location is well-planned.

“It’s clear that every single stage of this was thoroughly thought through,” he added.

Mississippi Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, who was also visiting the plant for the first time, agreed that the project was an impressive one – and important not only for the state of Mississippi, but also for the country and the world.

“I’m eager to see operations begin,” he said.