Crews battle treacherous winter conditions in Georgia

Crews battle treacherous winter conditions in Georgia


In preparation for another winter storm forecast to hit parts of Southern Company’s service territory, nearly 100 Mississippi Power employees from all three divisions will leave early Tuesday morning to assist sister company Georgia Power with anticipated outages.

As early as Tuesday evening, a large portion of Georgia is expected to battle frigid conditions with snow and ice expected to cover the northern portion of the state.

“Unlike a couple weeks ago, there is a greater likelihood of ice which could be a challenge,” Mississippi Power’s Engineering Services Manager David Simmons said. “While this is a rather large group, we are sending assistance within the Southern Company system and will be able to continue providing reliable service to our customers here at home.”

Crews were asked to pack for seven days, but the actual number of days could vary based on restoration conditions.

Last month, Mississippi Power crews traveled to Pensacola to assist Gulf Power’s nearly 6,000 customers without electricity.

Updated February 13, 2014 4:00 p.m.

Mississippi Power crews continue working to safely restore electricity to Georgia Power customers as they battle rain, sleet, and icy road conditions about 75 miles southeast of Atlanta.

The South Team worked in the Eatonton area where they replaced three broken poles, two transformers and picked up a three-phase line downstream of a recloser. Overall, the Coastal crews restored service to more than 1,700 customers and will continue working in the area.

The North Team was divided into two groups. The Meridian crews worked in the town of Gray, Ga., and picked up two reclosers and approximately 350 customers. The Pine Belt crews worked in the town of Sparta, picking up 12 spans of wire and one feeder which had two trees fall on the line. The North Team will continue working in the area.

Updated February 14, 2014 4:00 p.m.

The Mississippi Power Storm Team completed another safe, productive day Thursday helping restore power to Georgia Power customers.

South Team
The South Team worked in the Eatonton area again. All restoration work out of the Eatonton substation and the North Eatonton substation has been completed. One crew was shifted to the Monticello area to assist with replacing two broken feeder poles.

In the Forest Lake substations, the team was able to remove sections of the feeder where heavy damage occurred and energized 80 percent of the main back-bone. Overall, the Coastal crews restored service to more than 1,000 customers.

The South Team will return to the city of Eatonton today, and work out of the Forest Lake substation.

North Team
The Meridian crew returned to the town of Gray where they restored power to more than 300 customers. They energized eight miles of three-phase line, repaired 14 spans of downed conductor, replaced two crossarms, nine services and removed more than 40 tree conditions.

The Hattiesburg crew continued to work in Sparta where they reenergized one feeder restoring power to 800 customers. They repaired 21 spans of wire, removed 30 tree conditions, replaced one crossarm and 10 services.

The Laurel Crew assisted the Hattiesburg crew in Sparta before moving to a feeder served out of the Lake Sinclair substation. They restored power to more than 200 customers, energized two reclosers and removed more than 30 tree conditions.

All crews on the North Team will return to the same areas today.

Updated February 17, 2014 11:45 a.m.
Mississippi Power employees who traveled to Georgia to help restore power in the wake of last week’s winter storm have returned safely. The teams completed restoration efforts and travel with zero accidents.